Meet the Team

We are a group of geeks who get disproportionate joy from gaming and making new friends, we hope to spread this excitement and passion throughout the community.

Image of Stephen Brantley - Geekery Games Owner

Stephen Brantley - Geekery Games Owner
Geekery Games was created with unparalleled excitement for gaming.  The store environment has been crafted and cultivated by amazing customers and employees who strive to provide a haven for all the nerds out there.

Image of Andrew Galvez - Front of House Relations

Andrew Galvez - Front of House Relations
Love for animal keeping, D&D, world building, Magic: The Gathering, art and video games.

Image of Jordan Tatum - Customer Service

Jordan Tatum - Customer Service
Excited about Flesh and Blood, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, video gaming, golfing and sharp shooting.

Image of Brennan Smith - Customer Service

Brennan Smith - Customer Service
Passion for both casual and competitive Magic: The Gathering, basketball, music and video gaming.

Image of Aldin Lewis - Customer Service

Aldin Lewis - Customer Service
Your local Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Force of Will, Flesh and Blood, and Magic: The Gathering guru.

Image of Shaye Fordring - Web/Media Developer

Shaye Fordring - Web/Media Developer
Uncurbed enthusiasm for all variations of gaming, dogs, plants and bringing unique artistic expression to the mundane.